Example Use-Cases

The dynamic self-adapting power management allows the ECO-Box to adjust its work to available energy. While it obviously likes sunny wheather and a sun-facing orientation, in energy constrained scenarios it will autonomously adapt its measurement tasks as needed to maintain continuos operation.

In practice we sucessfully used it in different scenarios. Interactive indoor demonstrations, static outdoor deployments with local network access and also in a mobile scenario with constantly changing conditions making use of long range low power radio communication.

Urban Sensing Hits the Roof

In a rooftop deployment we used several individual boxes to form a star topology around a 6LoWPAN gteway. In this preliminary study the overall architecture was evaluated under real life conditions. The environmental conditions ranged from cold cloudy weather to blazing heat under full sunshine.

This allowed us to put the physical properties as well as the energy management to test. Insights gained from these experiments were then used to add another level of dynamics to our next deployment.

ECO-Box Goes Mobile With Public Transportation

In another deployment we used the ECO-Box to measure air pollution in moving traffic. For this scenario we mounted it on top of an emmission free public transportation bus that roams the city.